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DUOFAB | Providng artwork and creative installton pieces to retail + restaurant spaces.


 since 2011 

DUOFAB is an installation art company based out of South Florida. The creative team designs and fabricates custom artwork and visual elements for restaurant, retail and high-end residential clients. They’ve developed demand for their work by using unmatched creativity and hand-built intricacy that sets their installations apart. DUOFAB is available for local work and also international installations. Recent DUOFAB clients include Oceanic Pompano, DIRT restaurants, Whole Foods, and Anthropologie. You can view all of our work by clicking over to our portfolio page.
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Creating Art for a Documentary Film

MAKING ART FOR A DOCUMENTARY FILMPROJECT NOTESART IN OTHER FORMSOur resident artist Ashley Nardone has engaged with photography and videography as part of her professional skillset throughout her career. A while ago, a request came along to edit together a documentary...

Making Coin Art in Saint Louis

Art Made From 1248 International CoinsBEHIND THE SCENESDESCRIPTIONThe Exchange is a wall hanging artwork in the Hilton Saint Louis Downtown Arch hotel. It is made from an international coin collection mounted onto a large rusted panel. This piece was inspired by the...

Departing the Station

Hot sweaty summer days, spent in a warehouse, with no A/C, in South Florida.Dedication + a dream to build something great was on the forefront of our minds as I joined hands with the founder of The Station in West Palm Beach. Six months prior, all she had was an empty...

Designing a custom lamp shade

Where math and design meet in the middle to create something new "When will I ever use this stuff!?" - a common question amongst many young math students. Though math never carried this frustration with me, I am constantly surprised at how essential arithmetic and...

Hanging up 3000 pennies

Finding a medium for a custom wall art piece at a finanial company required a material that was easy to work with and small enough to create lots of detail when amassed in a large quantities. We utalized the one cent copper penny, and we needed quite a few of them -...