Ashley Nardone at the DUOFAB studio

Artist Ashley Nardone is the visionary behind the installation art of DUOFAB –  an accomplished multidisciplinary artist with an appetite for installation art, culture & travel, music, filmmaking and photography.

Ashley studied art at Florida Atlantic University receiving two BFAs in Photography and Graphic Design. While at school, Ashley learned she had a love and a knack for creating 3D objects, and after graduation she began her art career as a display fabricator for Anthropologie in South Florida. Ashley learned the trade of high-end retail display art and she was celebrated for her creations by being featured on the brand’s social media. She was also selected to work with URBN group’s home office to develop a holiday window prototype. After two years of growing as an artist in the retail space, Ashley’s vision for creating installation art lead her to begin her career as an independent artist.

For over a decade, Ashley established her installation art company in South Florida creating work both locally and nationally. Ashley has worked with brands including Marriott, Hilton, WholeFoods, and more. In 2024, Ashley relocated to the Greenville, SC area and is taking part in a year-long public arts fellowship in Charlotte, NC.

As an artist, Ashley Nardone engages in a curiosity about the world and seeks out unique materials to add a whimsical touch to her pieces. She is inspired through craftsmanship, material explorations and mimicking organic forms. Skilled in design, art fabrication and installation, Ashley’s seasoned process for art making engages with her clients at every stage of the art process.

Discover more work by Ashley Nardone at her artist website.


DUOFAB is an art studio with expertise in design, fabrication and installation of statement art pieces. Our specialty is creating installation art that adds drama to interior spaces. We enjoy making commissioned art for commercial brands, public spaces and residential clients. Our experience making art and functional pieces has given us opportunity to collaborate with clients in areas of retail, restaurants and hospitality.

At DUOFAB, we are skilled at working with a variety of materials which allows us to tailor fit mediums, aesthetic and design to our client’s specific needs. We are energized by working with our clients to construct unique visual experiences.

The Layover Hanging Installation Art by Ashley Nardone
Ashley Nardone Cutting Wood

Create, Inspire, Make Art

A top to bottom art creation experience through sketches, 3d renderings, prototypes, art fabrication and on-site installation. We can provide design and inspiration, or we can work with a vision you already have. Tell us about your unique project idea, we’d love to see if we’re a good fit for you.


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Artist Ashley Nardone

Interview at Canvas Rebel Magazine

Artist Ashley Nardone

Interview at Voyager Magazine




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