A Vortex of Swirling Atlantic Ocean Life



Reeference is a hanging public artwork suspended above the children’s reading section at the ┬áLantana Public Library. In is recent, complete renovation of the library property, every square inch of the building received a complete makeover. As you enter, you can’t help but catch your eye on this swirling vortex of Atlantic Ocean life.

Fun Facts

This art piece hangs in the children’s section of a beautifully remodeled library. In theme with discovery and education, this design includes ten aquatic species that are found right off the shores of Lantana’s beach. Sea animals found in this artwork are:

-Hawksbill Sea Turtle
-Barred Hamlet
-Yellowtail Snapper

All the marine animals were fabricated and painted by artist Ashley Nardone to be a true to life representation of the fish varieties. Snorkeling off the Atlantic shore, you might just find one of this marine creatures.

The large wave shaped structure that surrounds the swirling fish represents the water’s surface as it can be seen looking up during ocean explorations. Created from bending and glueing strips of industrial cardboard, the entire wave form was covered in resin to create a finished, water-like sheen.

Reeference made it’s first public appearance during the Lantana Public Library’s ribbon cutting cerimonry in early 2023. Read what the Costal Star had to say about the library’s monumental opening to the public…

Reeference-by Ashley Nardone
Reeference-by Ashley Nardone
Reeference-by Ashley Nardone
Reeference-by Ashley Nardone
Reeference installation art at Lantana Library by DUOFAB artist Ashley Nardone


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Lantana Public Library
Lantana, FL




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