Art Made From 1248 International Coins



The Exchange is a wall hanging artwork in the Hilton Saint Louis Downtown Arch hotel. It is made from an international coin collection mounted onto a large rusted panel. This piece was inspired by the orginal building’s grand beginnings as a national bank. There are 84 different world currencies represented, spanning six continents. This art piece conveys a warm welcome to travelers from near or far. Though travel and sharing our cultures, we create an environment to learn and grow.  Let’s build a vibrant world by engaging in invigorating conversation in this city.

Fun Facts

-1248 coins are included in the artwork.

-84 countries are represented, spanning six continents.

-There are coins from two countries that no longer exists – The Soviet Union and Rhodesia.

-The oldest coin is from 1875 and was minted in Germany. This was 14 years before this building was originally built as a bank in 1889. It is located in the bottom row, directly in the center next to the second oldest coin from France, minted in 1899.

-A “Missouri State Sales Tax” coin can be found in the first column on the left, 10th coin from the top. These coins were minted between 1925-1940 and used for sale’s tax that was less than a cent when purchasing items.

-Two more unique U.S. coins are a Connecticut Turnpike Token and a Phillips Packing Co Factory B Vegetable Cannery Token from Cambridge, MD.

-There are eight varieties of metal; nickel, bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron and zinc. 16 coins are bimetal.

Ashley Nardone Creating Coin Art at Hilton in Saint Louis
coins ready for install
Coin Art Collection in Ashley Nardone's The Exchange
Missouri Sales Tax Coin
Ashley Nardone Creating Coin Art at Hilton in Saint Louis
Saint Louis Coin Art detail in black and white by Ashley Nardone

The Exchange

Wall Hanging Coin Art

Hilton Downtown at the Arch
Saint Louis, MO




The Fabrication