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We make Lasting Commissioned Installation Art.

DUOFAB designs and fabricates bespoke artwork for interior spaces. We work with a variety of commercial and private clients who are seeking statement artwork for their environment. Our pieces help our clients convey a visual story that connects to people as soon as they enter the room. The installation artwork is custom tailored to showcase thematic inspirations, branding identity, and the specific needs of our clients. Craftsmanship, with care for the details, is at the center of our design philosophy.

Light Reading by Ashley Nardone
Coin Art Saint Louis by Ashley Nardone

Artist Made

Statement artwork is best made by a skilled craftsperson. Our commissioned art pieces are made by the hands of our artist, Ashley Nardone. Artistry, skill and imagination are brought together in the work we produce.

Experienced Craftsmanship

We provide a top to bottom approach to artmaking through initial concept generation, detailed sketches, 3d renderings, precision fabrication and meticulous installation of our artwork.

“Installation art is our passion and we love to create unique artwork that sparks imagination.”


Lake Worth Beach, FL


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String Partition Art by Ashley Nardone